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Al Horreya TV is an Arab Christian television established to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ and his salvation, love and freedom to every man and woman around the world through television and media production with emphasis on reaching the unreached and on the voice of the voiceless. . The Al Horreya channel monitors and communicates with the happenings of the earth and the pulse of the street from a spiritual perspective. Therefore, it will deal with politics without being just a political channel. It will defend the rights of the oppressed without being a narrow ethnic channel. It will be interested in sports events without being a sports channel. He will discuss medical issues. With the most brilliant professors from the different continents of the world, and its programs will contain abundant knowledge without being a dry academic channel, and women will find in it a place of choice worthy of their equal and complementary role to men. Young people will be given special attention in the channel's programs as tools for creating the future, as the channel strives through its various paragraphs to be the voice of those whose mouths have been silenced from the marginalized and downtrodden classes of society.

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