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The purpose of Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Corporation (HTMBC) is to contribute to the prosperity of the industrial economy, to promote development in harmony with the nature of Hokkaido, to contribute to the development of education and culture, and to contribute to the interests and welfare of the people of Hokkaido, by organizing rich and diverse broadcast programs that respect the public nature and take advantage of the characteristics of commercial broadcasting.
In programming, our policy is to use a wide range of material that helps cultivate and acquire the common sense, emotions, knowledge, and skills necessary for daily life, and that serves as a source of new activity, always with attractive educational, liberal arts, healthy entertainment, and fresh news coverage as its content. It shall be a project with a high aroma of humanism. Based on the above basic policy, the programs to be organized are divided into the following types.
Programs other than school and social education, which are not restricted to certain workplaces or specific groups of people, and which aim to improve the cultural life of the general public by deepening their knowledge, cultivating their sentiments, and enhancing their ethics in all areas of national life, including literature, art, society, economics, and science.
The purpose of educational programs is to provide knowledge and materials useful for viewers to perfect themselves as members of society.

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夕日色のペンライトに見送られ 最終列車出発 感謝の声ホームに響く JR留萌線 留萌ー石狩沼田間
夕日色のペンライトに見送られ 最終列車出発 感謝の声ホームに響く JR留萌線 留萌ー石狩沼田間
【中継】JR留萌線一部廃止に 残すは最終列車だけに ラストランが迫る留萌駅から
【中継】JR留萌線一部廃止に 残すは最終列車だけに ラストランが迫る留萌駅から
新たな陸上自衛隊北部方面隊トップは? 総監に鹿児島出身の末吉陸将が着任 抑止力や対処能力向上に意欲
新たな陸上自衛隊北部方面隊トップは? 総監に鹿児島出身の末吉陸将が着任 抑止力や対処能力向上に意欲
JR留萌線 留萌~石狩沼田廃止に 住民の本音は?「車に乗るのであまり影響ない…」代替交通の準備進む
JR留萌線 留萌~石狩沼田廃止に 住民の本音は?「車に乗るのであまり影響ない…」代替交通の準備進む


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