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France 24 is an international media channel that broadcasts its programs live and on the Internet in three languages: French, English and Arabic. France 24 deals with international news with a French vision based on the divergence of opinions, the diversity of debates and divergent points of view, and offers an in-depth analysis of current events with a particular interest in culture. France 24, the international news channel, broadcasts 24/7 to 300 million homes worldwide in French, Arabic and English. The three channels have a combined weekly audience of 45.9 million viewers. From its newsroom in Paris, France 24 provides a French perspective on world affairs through a network of 142 correspondent offices located in almost every country. In 2010, France 24 launched its services on the Internet with live streaming services available on YouTube, mobile devices and other streaming platforms. The same year, France 24 announced that its Arabic service would broadcast 24 hours a day.

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أفريقيا: قارة تنافس بين القوى العظمى؟ • فرانس 24 / FRANCE 24
أفريقيا: قارة تنافس بين القوى العظمى؟ • فرانس 24 / FRANCE 24
الملك تشارلز الثالث في برلين: فتح صفحة جديدة؟ • فرانس 24 / FRANCE 24
الملك تشارلز الثالث في برلين: فتح صفحة جديدة؟ • فرانس 24 / FRANCE 24
أزمة دبلوماسية بين السويد وروسيا.. ما السبب؟ • فرانس 24
أزمة دبلوماسية بين السويد وروسيا.. ما السبب؟ • فرانس 24
مراسلون، جراح هايتي
مراسلون، جراح هايتي


Ash Palmer
France 24 is an excellent source of news and media around the world. The app is comprehensive and it's easy to navigate through its sections, which cover numerous topical topics. I have not experienced any problems with loading or problems with scrolling in the current version. I happily recommend.

Maria Francis(
Wonderful service, professional and well presented world news. I absolutely love it. Now I live in France, it is my main source of news.

Natasha Kennedy
Well, sometimes. Bad at times. Sometimes the news is excellent, other times partial and so little studied to the point of absurdity.

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