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Euronews is a French TV news network based in Lyon, France. The network began broadcasting on January 1, 1993 with the aim of reporting world news from a European perspective. 24 hours a day, our team of 500 journalists from over 30 different nationalities inform you with complete impartiality, going beyond the headlines and points of view in Europe and around the world. Our YouTube channel offers more by providing selected content from Europe's leading international news source. Our mission is to enable people to form their own opinion. We trust people's intelligence and ability to make their own decisions, and we strive to provide our audience with the greatest possible variety of viewpoints through uncompromising journalism. Euronews was born from the desire to create an independent and strong European news channel. The only international news site with a European perspective, Euronews, is where the world turns to hear what Europe has to say.

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Le Parlement européen réclame la transparence salariale
Le Parlement européen réclame la transparence salariale
L’info du jour | 30 mars - Soir
L’info du jour | 30 mars - Soir
"Une bonne journée pour la transition énergétique de l'Europe"
"Une bonne journée pour la transition énergétique de l'Europe"
Le pape François, hospitalisé à Rome, va mieux et "a repris le travail"
Le pape François, hospitalisé à Rome, va mieux et "a repris le travail"


Eliza Murray
In a nutshell, very boring and belated news ... Don't waste your time, there are many other sources of more interesting information.

Stanley Houghton
Euronews used to be a great news source, but now I'm biased when it comes to the political spectrum, everything that comes from the right, they slander it and distort the truth about it, if it's a left thing, they praise it they do it seems reasonable, which is very disappointing for me since I've been following them since 2008

Dexter Stone
I have been reading Euronews for years, but for some time now the quality of journalism has dropped significantly

Grace Harvey
Well, sometimes. Bad at times. Sometimes the reporting is excellent, while other times it is partial and so poorly studied to the point of absurdity.

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