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Aragón TV is a radio and television network in Aragon, named CARTV-Corporación Aragonesa de Radio y Televisión. It is state media, owned by Televisión Autonómica de Aragón S.A.
It is part of the Spanish government's FORTA media network, and has an international channel Aragón TV INT.
Aragón TV's programming is eminently generalist, for all audiences and made up of programs covering numerous genres. However, the channel traditionally focuses an important part of its programming on an adult and older segment, in line with both the audience and the current demographics of Aragon (it is in these groups where the channel obtains the highest returns).
The news is the backbone of the grid, becoming day after day the most watched program in the community. Aragón TV has a morning news program (Buenos días Aragón) and two daily bulletins: Aragón Noticias 1 (14:00) and Aragón Noticias 2 (20:30). The latter is rebroadcasted after midnight to replace Aragón Noticias 3 (which was suppressed some time ago). The first edition of Aragón Noticias has become in the last seasons the news program with the highest audience share in Spanish television, usually exceeding 30% share.

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