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IB3 is the publicly owned media group in the Balearic Islands that promotes the Islands' own identity, culture and language, with a plural and local programming.
IB3 Televisión's programming is structured in information and entertainment of Balearic origin and broadcast in Catalan to all audiences. The daily programming includes the morning program Els dematins, the afternoon magazine Cinc dies, as well as the agricultural program Uep com anam! and the culinary program Cuina amb Santi Taura, among others. As for the news programs (IB3 Noticias), there are two editions at 14:00 and 20:30. The channel
It also broadcasts series of its own production such as Pep, Mòpies or Amor de cans.
As well as special programs on important events of Balearic culture such as the Jaleos de Menorca or the festival of Moors and Christians of Pollensa, among others.
In the same way, special news programs are produced at key moments such as the elections, for example.

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