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Budapest Europe Television (BPETV) is a Budapest-based television station broadcasting programmes in Hungarian. The channel was one of the first Hungarian commercial television stations, but for a long time it had a different business model from the large commercial broadcasters, and was successful. In the second half of the first decade of the 2000s, several tabloid stars, such as Anettka Fehér, rose to prominence on its screens. BP Europa Television is a colourful institution with a long tradition in the increasingly grey media market in Hungary. From the beginning to the present day, the aim has been to make our viewers see our programmes and their producers as real "family". Our staff aims to banish violence from the screen and produce programmes for all members of the family. Our programmes are varied and we aim to attract viewers with an ever-expanding range of programmes, many of which are interactive: they can call in to our live shows and become regular participants by giving their opinions and asking questions to the programme's participants. You can follow our events on the internet from all over the world via our website.

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Zeneszalon |  2020  október 8  # Énekel: Csilla
Zeneszalon | 2020 október 8 # Énekel: Csilla
Zeneszalon - BUKI GÉZA # 2020.06.21.
Zeneszalon - BUKI GÉZA # 2020.06.21.
Zeneszalon # 2020. 07. 16. második rész - BLÁZSI-KONCZ DUÓ
Zeneszalon # 2020. 07. 16. második rész - BLÁZSI-KONCZ DUÓ
Zeneszalon # 2020. 07. 16. első rész - BLÁZSI-KONCZ DUÓ
Zeneszalon # 2020. 07. 16. első rész - BLÁZSI-KONCZ DUÓ


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