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TV Barrandov

TV Barrandov is a Czech television station. The TV station's line-up consists of entertainment shows such as Sejdeme se na Cibulce, Kurňa, co to je or soap operas.
TV Barrandov is a Czech digital television station that started broadcasting on 11 January 2009 at 11:01 am. It was owned by a group of shareholders, with Moravia Steel as the largest shareholder. In September 2012, the television was bought by Empresa Media, a company controlled by Jaromír Soukup. TV Barrandov wants to be an alternative to the existing commercial TV channels and targets the audience of around 30 years old, the so-called "Husák's children". The owner of the broadcasting licence is Barrandov Televizní Studio a.s., which reported a loss of CZK 32 million in 2015 on revenues of CZK 440 million.

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Týden podle Jaromíra Soukupa (2023/46) - 30.03.2023
Týden podle Jaromíra Soukupa (2023/46) - 30.03.2023
Hovory Kalousek Soukup (2023/12) - 30.03.2023
Hovory Kalousek Soukup (2023/12) - 30.03.2023
MOJE ZPRÁVY (2023/86) - 28.03.2023
MOJE ZPRÁVY (2023/86) - 28.03.2023
MOJE ZPRÁVY (2023/88) - 30.03.2023
MOJE ZPRÁVY (2023/88) - 30.03.2023


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