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Alföld Television is a commercial cable television station, which has been present in the local television network since 1996. Our programmes are currently broadcast in Debrecen, Debrecen-Józsa, Bocskaikert, Hajdúböszörmény, Hajdúhadháza, Sáránd and Téglás. You can also follow Alföld Tv's programmes on the Alföld Television website. In addition to the live broadcast, the on-line archive includes a wide range of programmes, magazines and sports matches, but those who are looking for news will not be disappointed.

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New video of the TV channel "Alföld TV"

Vetési Tamás // Rivaldán Innen
Vetési Tamás // Rivaldán Innen
A meggondolatlan sportolás hatásai /// Pár Perc Prevenció
A meggondolatlan sportolás hatásai /// Pár Perc Prevenció
TIBIÉK Live, lowride - a Fórumban
TIBIÉK Live, lowride - a Fórumban
Kalapács // Roncsoló
Kalapács // Roncsoló


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