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Retro Music Television

We're a popular, full-screen music television station focusing on greatest hits and music information from the 1960s to the early part of the new millennium. We are the first ever music station in the world to use the space between 4:3 and 16:9 formats to display accompanying information on the artist currently playing e.g. artist bio, extra trivia, album artwork, discography and more. RETRO MUSIC TV brings the most famous musicians, cool, fun, party, emotions and information to your living rooms. We play worldwide hits as well as popular and Czech-Slovak artists. Retro Music Television is a music station dedicated to music from the second half of the last century. That's why you won't be surprised by a show about the history of the Kelly Family or Clips from the 60s. A very popular show is Retromania, where you will hear and especially see clips of Czech, Slovak and international artists.

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