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Prima (formerly Prima Family) is a Czech commercial television station. It received its broadcasting licence in 1992, but its first broadcast took place on 20 June 1993 under the name FTV Premiéra and only for the area of Prague and its surroundings. The Prima TV station is a commercial station which started broadcasting in the Czech Republic in 1993. It can currently be described as the television station with the second largest share of the market in terms of viewership. It is a channel that targets a wide audience base, which is offered programmes ranging from news, to series, films and, for example, discussion programmes. The channel's broadcasts are continuous and run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, you can tune in to TV Prima both in the traditional way and online.

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Hvězda internetu Duc alias Míša Dinhová: Spadla z terasy i střechy, na kapotu ji nabralo auto
Hvězda internetu Duc alias Míša Dinhová: Spadla z terasy i střechy, na kapotu ji nabralo auto
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ZOO (101) – Nehrajte si tu na rodinku!
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ZOO (102) - Čas dobrých skutků (upoutávka)
Poslední oběť (1) - Samé tajnosti
Poslední oběť (1) - Samé tajnosti


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