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Trend TV is a local television station that broadcasts its program in Croatia. It started its work in 2005, and broadcasts the program as local television for the area of ​​Zagreb, Samobor, Zaprešić, Velika Gorica, Karlovac and Ogulin.
In 2017, the name of the channel changed from TV 4 Rijeka (TV4R) to today's Trend TV. The program is structured in several parts: morning program that lasts until 12 am, daytime program from 12 pm to 8 pm, evening program from 8 pm to midnight and night program from midnight to 6 am.
The central part of the evening program is the informative program Karlovac obzornik with detailed reports on daily events in the city and the region. Shows that are regionally oriented are Iver, Pokupska kronika and Žumberački zov. Trend TV also follows the lives of the majority of national and religious minorities, people with special needs, civil society associations as well as institutions based in Zagreb, Kordun and Karlovac. In programs for minorities, topics are covered more extensively than in regular information programs, and specific topics such as ethnic heritage, cultural peculiarities, and the like are also included. Special importance is given to reporting on the institutional organization and activities of minorities.
They realize their own production through their own production of informative, entertaining, sports and musical content, and the program also includes works of European production, such as the show Yoga and Pilates. Independent production is achieved through the programs Trend Travel and Moja Istra. In the program, a special place belongs to the research of national treasures through the program Domači zvuci, which already has all the cultural and artistic societies of Karlovac County, videos of individual folk artists and the like in its archive.

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Dječji kutić - emisija 443
Dječji kutić - emisija 443
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Ravnopravni - 104 - Lovorka Trdin
Gost dana by Eva Zadro - Želiš znati više o autizmu? Onda je ovaj video za tebe.
Gost dana by Eva Zadro - Želiš znati više o autizmu? Onda je ovaj video za tebe.
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Karlovački vremeplov - 29. ožujka


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