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The purpose of this network is not entertainment, but introducing children to Jesus and getting to know him as their best friend! Satan is trying to steal the hearts and minds of our children and now more than ever there is a need for consistent Christ-centered programming! The Three Angels Broadcasting Network, or 3ABN, is a Christian media radio and television network that broadcasts religious and health-oriented Seventh-day Adventist programming based in West Frankfort, Illinois, United States. While not formally tied to any particular church or denomination, much of its programming focuses on Seventh-day Adventist theology and Adventist doctrine.

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“Seeing Others Through God's Eyes” - Kids X-Press (KX230043)
“Seeing Others Through God's Eyes” - Kids X-Press (KX230043)
5 - “Animals Inspire Us” - 3ABN Kids Camp Fit Club
5 - “Animals Inspire Us” - 3ABN Kids Camp Fit Club
“Generating Electricity” - Creation Is! Science  (CIS220019)
“Generating Electricity” - Creation Is! Science (CIS220019)
“Sharing & Taking Turns” - Kids X-Press (KX230042)
“Sharing & Taking Turns” - Kids X-Press (KX230042)


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