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Nittele NEWS24 is a news channel provided by Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV), which was also used as the name of the news website until January 24, 2022. NTV broadcasts news around the clock collected from NNN-affiliated stations throughout Japan as well as from overseas locations. Including its predecessors "NTV Cable News" and "NNN24 NTV NONSTOP NEWS," it is the oldest news channel in Japan, having been broadcasting information for over 30 years since October 1987. NNN" is an acronym for "NTV Nonstop News," not "Nippon News Network," the network affiliated with Nippon Television Network, and the anchor will say at the beginning or end of the program, "The channel you are watching is NNN24, NTV NONSTOP NEWS (NNN24 It was announced as "NTV Non-Stop News"). Around 1999, "Super Morning Live," a 20-minute program, started, and the organization of some time slots changed. It also began to read out the program names, and soon "24" was often added to the end of the program name.

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【日韓文化交流イベント】ソウルで開催 “対面”は3年ぶり
【日韓文化交流イベント】ソウルで開催 “対面”は3年ぶり
【ウクライナ侵攻】ウクライナ4州“住民投票”  30日にもロシア編入の手続きか
【ウクライナ侵攻】ウクライナ4州“住民投票” 30日にもロシア編入の手続きか


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