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Omroep Zeeland is the broadcaster of Zeeland. The platform for news, background information, culture, sport and events. On television, radio and the internet. Omroep Zeeland is at the top of the list for every Zeeuw when it comes to news and facts in and about Zeeland. Omroep Zeeland's programmes are professionally made, with feeling and curiosity. With attention to journalistic quality, knowledge of the province and in a way that appeals to the people of Zeeland.
Omroep Zeeland, as a reliable and independent source of information, wants to be the hub of Zeeland's society. As a regional broadcaster, we make a meaningful contribution to Zeeland's society and its identity. It is our task to provide independent journalism, always and for everyone, and to inform Zeelanders about what is going on.
Omroep Zeeland uses the most relevant channels and is able to connect and engage with its audience. Omroep Zeeland wants to work with every relevant party that wants to work with it. Omroep Zeeland acts on the basis of its core values: Zeelandic, involved, reliable and distinctive. This applies to reporting, special programs and events as well as to our own actions in society.

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New video of the TV channel "Omroep Zeeland"

Zeeland Nu, vrijdag 31 maart 2023
Zeeland Nu, vrijdag 31 maart 2023
Trots op Zeeland, Trots op ons zoetwater
Trots op Zeeland, Trots op ons zoetwater
Zeeland Nu, donderdag 30 maart 2023
Zeeland Nu, donderdag 30 maart 2023
Zeeland Nu, woensdag 29 maart 2023
Zeeland Nu, woensdag 29 maart 2023


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