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SUCH TV is a TV network based in Pakistan. SUCH TV is the Pakistan news and current affairs television channel dedicated to providing unbiased and factual information. He is in centrist / leftist political positions with pro-nationalist views.
SUCH TV started broadcasting on March 23, 2010. Such television will broadcast the public broadcast in accordance with the rules and behavior of electronic media.
Such newscasts refer to the dissemination of current events through television. A "Newsletter" or "Current Affairs Program" are television programs lasting seconds to hours that provide updates on international, national, regional and/or local news events. This TV newscast is very visually based, showing video footage of many of the events that are reported; still photography is also used in news reporting, though not as much in recent years as it was in the early days of broadcast television. This TV provides newsletters as part of a regularly scheduled news program. These TV shows have been discontinued or replaced with breaking news ("news flashes") to provide news updates on events of great importance.

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Aiwan-e-Such | 28 October 2022 | SUCH News |
Aiwan-e-Such | 28 October 2022 | SUCH News |
Seerta-ul-Ambiya | 11 September 2022
Seerta-ul-Ambiya | 11 September 2022
Seerta-ul-Ambiya | 05 September 2022
Seerta-ul-Ambiya | 05 September 2022
Seerta-ul-Ambiya | 04 September 2022
Seerta-ul-Ambiya | 04 September 2022


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