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Euronews (Euronews Russian) is the Russian-language version of the European daily 24-hour news channel Euronews. It has been on the air since autumn 2001. Euronews is a European information channel, which specializes in creating a video-chronology of events in the world. Broadcast around the clock in Russian. Channel Euronews appeared on January 1, 1993. It was founded on the initiative of the European Broadcasting Union. Its directors are Pier Luigi Malesani, Philippe Keila, Michael Peters, Lucian Sarb, and Peter Barabas. The mission of Euronews is independent, honest and objective coverage of news from various fields (weather, politics, economics, markets, sports and science). The viewer should know what is happening in the world, track historical developments and draw their own conclusions about current events. The Russian version of the channel started broadcasting in September 2001. Until then the Euronews blocks were part of the Kultura channel's program in the original language. The main shareholder is VGTRK and the announcer is Gennady Vengerov. On weekends, the TV channel also broadcasts author's documentaries about Russia.

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William George
каждый день смотрим новости, есть интересное, политика как и везде - все гнут свою линию. но ради Бога, уберите эту женщину с дебильной интонацией, хоть на английский

Maddison Ross
Телеканал был бы очень неплохой, но постоянно что-то перекручивают, на скажем так "темную сторону" Антироссийская политика, все хорошие РОССИЯ плохая, мне обидно за соседей, которых обвиняют во всех бедах и ошибках Европы и США.

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