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Television Noe gives voice to the neglected, offers friendship to the lonely, opportunity to the beginners, wants to be an alternative to the (un)satisfied and a space for the seekers.
Television Noe is a Czech non-commercial (non-profit) television based in Ostrava. The licence holder for broadcasting is TELEPACE s.r.o. This company is characterized by more than 20 years of work with young people and adults in their preparation for working in the media. The activities of the company are connected with the person of P. Leoš Ryška, SDB.
Tv Noe is a television programme with an ethical dimension. The broadcasts have a peaceful character combined with a positive view of the world. It offers a healthy lifestyle with a deliberate limitation of depictions of violence and immorality. The programme is therefore different from that of other stations. The fact that the applicant does not intend to broadcast advertising, the company being a non-commercial entity, contributes to this. Tv Noe promotes healthy values and universal tolerance between people. It emphasises education, cultural, spiritual and aesthetic experiences. Opportunities are also given to churches, non-profit and public benefit organisations. Tv Noe envisages the possibility of making its own recordings as well as live performances of concerts and theatre shows. The programme is to some extent complementary to the broadcasts of Radio Proglas. Tv Noe cooperates on several levels with many similarly oriented TV stations in the world.
The programme is intended for the whole family. It appeals to a broad spectrum of viewers of all generations, regardless of education. It appeals to different social groups, from the middle class to socially weak or disabled citizens to national minorities. It takes into account those who do not have a strong voice in society.

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Jakub Jan Ryba: Stabat Mater na @tv_noe
Jakub Jan Ryba: Stabat Mater na @tv_noe
Tweet papeže Františka 29. března 2023
Tweet papeže Františka 29. března 2023
Čtení Bible 24h v Olomouci 3.-4. 4. 2023 | Živě s Noe
Čtení Bible 24h v Olomouci 3.-4. 4. 2023 | Živě s Noe
Homilie ze mše svaté 30.3.2023, P. Marián Pospěcha
Homilie ze mše svaté 30.3.2023, P. Marián Pospěcha


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