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Televisión Regional de Chile (TVR) is a Chilean free-to-air television channel that broadcasts on frequency 22 of Santiago's UHF band. It is the first UHF channel in the country to be concessioned to private broadcasters by the State. It broadcasts digital terrestrial television on signal 14.1 in Santiago.
In 2022 it broadcasts the programs Retro Hits (formerly Rebobinando), Ochenteando, Tu Conexión Matinal, TVR Noticias: en 5 minutos, Forever TV, Doctor en Casa with Claudio Aldunate, CNTV Infantil, TVR Play, Cultura TVR, Modo Tarde, Pasión a la mexicana, JRemix, PortaVoz Noticias, La Previa, Hora Terrasana with naturologist Jorge Castro de la Barra and Televisa's Mexican telenovelas Por amar sin ley, Médicos, línea de vida, María la del barrio and El hotel de los secretos.

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