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BBC Arabic Television is a British international news and Arabic-language public television channel. It is part of the BBC. This channel is not the first attempt by the BBC to organize television broadcasting in the Arab world. The previous channel was shut down on April 21, 1996, after two years of broadcasting, when its broadcasting partner Orbit Communications Corporation (owned by Prince Khalid, cousin of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia) terminated the partnership after an episode criticizing the government of Saudi Arabia. Many of the channel's staff went to work for Al Jazeera after it was shut down. The channel was previously announced in October 2005, and began broadcasting in the summer of 2007, but it was canceled. Broadcasting began on March 11, 2008. The channel was launched by BBC World Service with a grant from the British Foreign Office.

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Now, it's clear that you can't always please everyone, but the collection of prejudice, racism, and narrow-minded criticism here is hardly representative. If it were true that 93% of all viewers hate the BBC then the actual viewership figures would be much lower. Obviously some BBC programs are great, some are not great. Some I like and some I don't. But overall, the BBC shows quality programming with no commercials. Just watch US TV and see how great the BBC is in comparison.

Excellent, outstanding, award-winning objective news. Funded entirely by UK taxpayers. Doesn't bother with tabloids, commercial gibberish from media outlets like FOX who only deal in promoting propaganda to benefit their shareholders and their own interests.Unfortunately, the US doesn't have anything like the BBC due to the repeal of the fairness doctrine in 1987, which was supposed to be reinstated.

A proper impartial organization that is badly needed in the UK. Without them, the landscape of the news would be pretty scary and only controlled by a powerful few

By far the best broadcaster in the world. Too bad there are so many people who believe Rupert Murdoch's anti-BBC propaganda. They should be careful what they wish for!

There are many more good than bad, the news is generally biased by the government, but it is also generally against the Fourth Reich British Nationalist Party scenario, hence 99% of the bad reviews here. Occasionally, however, my blood can boil when they make too obvious that they are reading a government mandate message or overlook an obvious lie from someone they are interviewing, but that is not the spiteful mere human being / ultimately due to the government.

Some of the best Entertainment and News on TV, Radio and the Internet. Funded in a unique way that keeps standards high. BBC is the best platform for on-demand entertainment. Our Olympic broadcaster. Fantastic all round.

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