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Contivision, a television station aimed at promoting the regional development of the Maule region through communications, from a viewpoint that encompasses the social, political and cultural spheres. Televisión Contivision Limitada began broadcasting on December 25, 1997, with very little programming of its own, acting most of the day as a Chilevisión repeater station. From its beginnings, the main objective of this television station was to grow in programming, technology and coverage, always maintaining a local identity, with information and content that reflected our people.
The information and events of the Maule coast was the first thing that the Mauchos saw through our signal. Contivision Noticias was the basis for many other programs that over time would be incorporated into our programming grid. Impacto Latino, a video clip program recorded on location, accompanied the afternoons of every weekend for years. Pasión Deportiva, delivered every Tuesday night the best of local sports, involving the various sports disciplines that were practiced in the Constitution of the 90s.

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