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Leipzig Fernsehen

Infotainment for Leipzig and the region. Current news, talk shows, magazines, competitions and broadcasts. Leipzig Fernsehen is a private television station in Leipzig. Managing director is Frank Haring. Studios and broadcasting headquarters are located at Peterssteinweg 19, in 04107 Leipzig. Until June 2016, the owner was Sachsen Fernsehen GmbH & Co. Fernseh-Betriebs KG. With the merger of the formerly independent program info tv leipzig of the videowerkstatt with Leipzig Fernsehen, the videowerkstatt has become the host of the joint program. A daily news program with news from the city of Leipzig and its surroundings as well as reports on social, cultural and sporting events underlines the claim to local television. In addition, the program is rounded off by numerous service and information magazines of the kind that are also available on other (local and regional) television stations. Students from the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences and the University of Leipzig also help shape the program in the form of their own magazines, but these have very little current relevance because they are broadcast only once a month.

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