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BBC Persian Television is a BBC Persian-language news channel that was launched on 14 January 2009. The service is broadcast by satellite and is also available on the Internet. It is intended for 120 million Persian speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The Iranian authorities are known to harass and intimidate family members of BBC Persian employees. BBC director Mark Thompson said that BBC Persian staff had been subjected to "increased levels of intimidation along with worrisome new tactics" by the Iranian government. The channel broadcasts live from Studio 54D in the Peel Wing of the BBC Broadcasting House in London for just over seven hours each day. The studio is HD and uses some automated gallery technology. Since the end of 2020, BBC Newsnight and The Andrew Marr Show share the same studio. News and entertainment reruns and visualized radio bulletins take up the remaining 17 hours. Programs cover a variety of genres including current affairs, documentaries, light entertainment, culture, science, business and the arts. Entertainment programs such as BBC Sound, Sherlock, Glastonbury Festival and Top Gear are broadcast with Persian dubbing.

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Henry John
Some of the best entertainment and news on TV, radio and the Internet. Funded in a unique way that maintains high standards. The BBC is the ultimate on-demand entertainment platform.

Corey Howard
The best universal service in the world.

Brett Watson
I really enjoy watching great content at the most reasonable annual price on the market, with no constant viewing interruptions due to constant, repeated ad breaks!

Charlie Johnson
Comprehensive stories about Iran and the world, often professionally presented.

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