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Around the clock, our team of 500 journalists from more than 30 different nationalities produces the most objective information possible with voices from all over Europe and the world. Our YouTube channel features curated and original contributions from Europe's leading international news channel. At Euronews, our mission is to provide unfiltered, unbiased and fact-based journalism that empowers rather than destabilizes. Unapologetically impartial, we believe that all views matter and we actively resist the temptation to entice clicks or views through bias, outrage or sensationalism. By sticking to the facts but giving voice to many opinions, we provide our audiences with the resources they need to form their own opinion, or perhaps even change it. By focusing on facts, ideas and solutions, our journalists cultivate clarity, empathy and integrity.

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Brett Armstrong
Good way to access German content.

Robin Bates
Highly biased news articles created from unknown sources using twitter accounts with pathetically low likes.

Kayla Baker
I find that the more information I have, the better I understand what's going on.

Kyle Wood
Your outlet news is fully controlled from Brussels. You are not an independent news agency. I'll keep you anyway, no matter. Think carefully about my perception of this news agency.

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