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TV Halle is a private regional television station from Halle (Saale) in Saxony-Anhalt. In addition to the daily main programs TV Halle aktuell and hallo Halle! or TV Halle Sommertour, many format programs are produced, such as SportHalle with regional sports events, and various entertainment programs and service formats, such as Auf Euro und Cent, Blickpunkt Arbeit or Gesund in Halle. The station is operated by TV Halle Fernsehgesellschaft mbH, in which the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung media group has a 74.8 percent stake and the station's managing director Ralf Schietrumpf holds 25.2 percent.
During the week, a magazine (hallo Halle! or summer tour) is broadcast from 6 p.m., with the news (TV Halle aktuell) integrated into it. This is followed by the MZ ticker, which presents the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung headlines for the next day. After that, there is another program produced either by TV Halle itself or by a third-party provider (example: Kuno's Musikmagazin). Then advertising panels are broadcast until the next full hour.
At the weekend, there is a weekly review from the respective magazine. This lasts a bit longer than the weekday show because most of the topics are repeated. After that, other shows are repeated. Here, the rhythm is always different, because most shows last longer on the weekend.

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