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euronews is the most watched news channel in Europe. We cover world news from a european perspective, since 1993. Euronews covers world events that are relevant from a European perspective. Emergency information is broadcast live on the spot; a regularly updated bulletin is aired every half an hour and includes stories on key social and political events, financial news, sports coverage, a report on the activities of European authorities and weather forecasts for Europe and the world. In addition, a number of thematic programs are devoted to cultural events, the development of science and high technology, environmental protection, various problems of the inhabitants of the European region and other topical issues. Broadcast languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Polish, Ukrainian (until 2017), Greek, Hungarian.

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Jesse Cox
Excellent journalism, wide range of stories, and non-judgmental tone. I almost gave up on the American media. I see her stories that are not covered by the mainstream news networks.

Niamh Wilson
Great source of news, but too many spooky targeted ads.

Maya Hughes
I used to watch Euronews to get an unbiased view, however in the US, UK, Netherlands and Germany reporting it has turned out to be far left, so I don't believe the reporting in other countries is accurate.

Mell Bennett
The only channel I trust that gives me unbiased news and information. In addition, it is the only channel that has ever reported news about what the EU does, how it works and, more importantly, what it does for all its citizens. I have watched it on Sky TV for years. It is excellent.

Noah Reynolds
The pronunciation of names, surnames, place names, etc. in English-language news is often incorrect.

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