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MTA emerged in 1994 with the aim of providing a positive alternative in the broadcasting world. MTA offers quality family viewing right across the globe. It broadcasts internationally in up to eight languages simultaneously and features programs focusing on the different cultures of the world and the environments in which they exist. MTA features many thought-provoking discussions and programs on issues of great relevance to society, with some of MTA’s programs being unmatched in their high level of quality. MTA has studios throughout the world that contribute towards the international flavor of the channel. This diversity in MTA programs re-enforces its status as a truly global channel. MTA does not differentiate between adults and children on the principles of its programming and all programs are carefully produced and selected to ensure that MTA continues to achieve its objectives. The range of programs on MTA has something to offer our viewers wherever they may be. As we progress we are expanding the choice of subjects being covered to match the diversity of our audience. So why not tune in and see for yourself the world of MTA.

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Darsul Qur'an 178 - 13th February 1996 (Surah An-Nisaa -20-21)
Darsul Qur'an 178 - 13th February 1996 (Surah An-Nisaa -20-21)
Dars-e-Ramadan - Etiquette of life during Ramadan
Dars-e-Ramadan - Etiquette of life during Ramadan
Rah-e-Huda | 25th March 2023
Rah-e-Huda | 25th March 2023
Friday Sermon | 31st March 2023 | 4K ULTRA HD
Friday Sermon | 31st March 2023 | 4K ULTRA HD


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