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Izvestia TV (IZ.RU) channel is a Russian 24-hour information resource that is filled with content from the Izvestia multimedia information center. The channel broadcasts live news from the world of politics, art, and economics. TV channel "Izvestia" appeared relatively recently, in 2017. It is a news channel that enjoys enormous popularity. It covers the most relevant and fresh news of the country and the world. The channel broadcasts around the clock, here you can find information about the world of sports, art, politics and economics. News is prepared by journalists of Izvestia newspaper and employees of Channel 5. In the short period of its existence the channel managed to get two big awards. These are "Golden Ray" and a special prize in the nomination "Discovery of the Year". Izvestia" TV channel is broadcast on cable and satellite television, and can be watched online through the Internet, both in Russia and abroad. The main feature of the channel in the unique author's projects. For example, you can get acquainted with the latest domestic innovations in the program "News of the companies. To get acquainted with the real estate market, relevant information about the deals, you can watch the program "Real Estate". Very popular is the program "Tourism", where you can get acquainted with the popular tourist cities of Russia, look at the beautiful nature. You can watch the news online around the clock. Online viewing of the TV channel at any time will provide you with fresh news and light emotions.

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