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Watch a wide range of programs devoted to the areas of cultural and social life - music, painting, theater, literature, cinema, science, education and many others, also feature films and serials are waiting for you on the air of "Culture" channel. Kultura" TV channel primarily covers the cultural life of their country and some other CIS countries, introduces the viewer to the latest news of the art world. Here you can get acquainted with the beautiful author's projects, analytical programs. The channel has a broad direction. Here you can watch programs on topics such as music, cinema, painting, education, literature, cinema, theater and more. In addition to documentary projects and programs, you can watch feature films, which have already become true classics. The channel "Culture" helps to familiarize people with art, it can be watched for educational purposes. Here you can enjoy broadcasts of theatrical performances, ballet, listen to classical music. In addition, the viewer expects a large number of scientific programs, intellectual quizzes, author investigative journalism. The channel is suitable for people of all ages. TV channel "Culture" is the only one of its kind in the CIS, which is fully dedicated to cultural topics. Every day, the hosts talk to popular artists, cultural figures and experts in different fields of art and science. On the channel you can watch interviews with artists, musicians and artists. Watch "Rossiya Kultura" TV channel online

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Новости культуры. Эфир от 11.03.2022 (10:00) @Телеканал Культура
Новости культуры. Эфир от 11.03.2022 (10:00) @Телеканал Культура
Новости культуры. Эфир от 10.03.2022 (19:30)
Новости культуры. Эфир от 10.03.2022 (19:30)
Имена, оставшиеся в истории культуры. Агора. Эфир от 26.02.2022
Имена, оставшиеся в истории культуры. Агора. Эфир от 26.02.2022
Народный артист СССР Михаил Жаров (1985) // XX ВЕК @Телеканал Культура
Народный артист СССР Михаил Жаров (1985) // XX ВЕК @Телеканал Культура


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