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First channel - Channel One

"Channel One" is an iconic Russian federal TV channel, providing Russian viewers around the world with the most relevant, up-to-date, news, unique material every day for many years, in which everyone will find something they like. The channel offers viewers a diverse range of the latest movies, TV series, entertainment, exciting shows, TV shows, live broadcasts on sports and cultural spheres of Russia. "Channel One" often makes screenings of documentaries, informative informative programs that can interest anyone who comes along. For so many decades, it has become truly recognized and popular among a large Russian audience, watching a variety of content around the clock depending on their interests, learning important news from Russia and around the world. Despite the duration of the show, the channel often brings to the program original novelties from the spheres of the film industry, sports, which will clearly please not only the long-loved audience, but also modern viewers. "Channel One" has received a lot of recognition and love during its existence, and has become the main and favorite TV channel for many Russian residents, for whom it has become customary to see it on their TV screens.

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