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Public Television of Russia (OTR) is a Russian federal public television channel. It went on the air on May 19, 2013. OTR is a platform for discussing the most pressing issues of concern to society, a means of open and direct interaction between the government and citizens of Russia. Features of OTR's programming policy: The main formats: news, analytical discussions, quality feature films, documentaries and animated films, educational programs. Broadcasting is primarily based on live broadcasts and other forms of active interaction with the audience. Many of the programs are produced with the participation of non-professional "activists"-correspondents. Much of the airtime is devoted to coverage of life in the regions. OTR broadcasting is free from political and commercial, internal and external censorship. All the most acute and topical issues must be discussed evenly and impartially. The OTR prioritizes programs in which different national, social, and religious groups of society enter into a constructive dialogue with each other.

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