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Videolina is a regional television station in Sardinia that broadcasts from the city of Cagliari. Currently, the station produces 3500 hours of its own production and 14 daily editions of the live newscast produced by 5 main editorial offices throughout the island. Videolina was founded by Nicola Grauso and Michele Rossetti on September 4, 1975 in a small apartment in vico Duomo in Cagliari, where on June 16 of the same year they had already set up the first free radio station in Sardinia, Radiolina, in spite of intimations from Escopost, the department for the control of radio emissions that depended on the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. The names "Radiolina" and "Videolina" indicated the small size of the two stations, given the limited means at their disposal. The station initially transmitted in black and white, passing a few months later to the PAL color system. The first programs aired were films made by Tv Libera Livorno of Paolo Romani. The official inauguration took place on September 6 with a series of cartoons of western inspiration drawn by Bruno Bozzetto. On July 3, 1976 was launched the newscast, TGS - Telegiornale sardo, directed by Patrizio Mulas, whose editions at that time, not having the possibility to broadcast live, were always pre-recorded.

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