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TVP Info is an information channel of the Polish Television. Launched on 6 October 2007, replacing TVP3 as a joint program band of regional TVP centers. Since 1 July 2013 it is part of Telewizyjna Agencja Informacyjna. Since 1 September 2013 functions as an independent news channel, while the regional centers create their own common band under the name TVP3.
TVP Info provides information from both home and abroad, also shows conferences and live broadcasts. The TVP Info schedule also includes a weather forecast, sports, economic service, reportage and journalistic programmes. In exceptional situations TVP Info runs a special edition. If there is no special edition, from midnight to about 6 a.m. repeats of the previous day's programs are broadcast. TVP Info, as the only information channel in Poland, is obliged to meet the standard of public television, according to the Act on Radio and Television, which obliges the channel to full responsibility for the word, reliability in presenting events, not imposing views on citizens in any way, as well as creating opportunities for citizens and their organizations to participate in public life by presenting different views and positions. TVP Info has nine DSNG satellite cars.

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