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GB News is a free-to-air television and radio news channel in the United Kingdom. The channel is available on Freeview, Freesat, Sky, YouView, Virgin Media and the web. GB News is the British news channel were different. A new approach to how news is made - stories that people in the UK really care about. A place where your voice counts. The channel's headquarters are at Riverbank House in London and it has a number of studios in The Point building in the Paddington Basin area. GB News employs around 120 journalists. GB News is broadcast in standard definition on digital terrestrial television and in high definition on Astra 2F satellite. The broadcasts are available on the Freeview, YouView, Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media platforms. The channel is also available live on GB News' iOS and Android applications. Red Bee Media has provided playout services for GB News since the channel's launch.

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Layla Green
This morning GB News showed that these are true colors. Anne Diamond comes out with racist statements on the air and is not questioned. Complete, utter white supremacy at its best

Joseph Smith
It is by far the most honest and least biased news platform in the UK, packed with seasoned presenters and journalists who know the business inside out.

Aaren Jackso
Completely biased presenters uttering the same old crap and presenting uneducated opinion as fact ... another case of sensation hiding as a message. Where is the balance?

Owen Chambers
Balanced views all around. I stopped watching Sky News since gbn premiered.

Alex Thomas
It's a nice change, after the BBC, to have simple, unbiased news.

Gabby Lee
I love UK news. The BBC and ITV are so afraid of controversial issues. Very boring.

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