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On TV Dordrecht we report on everything that happens, lives and plays in the city. In addition to the daily news, we have a wide range of programming, with attention to nature, culture, reports of events, concerts (classical and pop), stories from the street and the history of the city.
TV Dordrecht provides television programs in the municipality of Dordrecht and can be received via frequency 840 MHz on the Dordtse Kabel. In addition, the station can be viewed worldwide via a live stream on the Internet. On weekdays, a daily broadcast is provided from 18:00 to 19:00 and repeated every hour until the next new broadcast. There is different programming on weekends. The news editors provide RTV Dordrecht News every working day at 18:00 hours with current news from the city and surroundings.
RTV Dordrecht is the public local radio and television broadcaster of the city of Dordrecht, in the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland. RTV Dordrecht provides its radio broadcasts under the name Drechtstad FM and its television broadcasts under the name TV Dordrecht. The former name of RTV Dordrecht is Televisie Radio Omroep Merwestad.

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Mogelijk extra huisartsenpost Dordrecht
Mogelijk extra huisartsenpost Dordrecht
Toekomst Dordtse hertjes voorlopig onzeker
Toekomst Dordtse hertjes voorlopig onzeker
Burgemeester Wouter Kolff over reis naar Dordrecht, Zuid-Afrika
Burgemeester Wouter Kolff over reis naar Dordrecht, Zuid-Afrika
Dit zijn de grootste modelspoorfanaten van onze regio
Dit zijn de grootste modelspoorfanaten van onze regio


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