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France 24 is a French international public television channel. It is part of the public broadcaster France Médias Monde. It started broadcasting in December 2006 and has been controlled by the French government since 2008. France 24 programs mainly consist of news blocks, special reports and press reviews. It is internationally oriented and broadcasts mainly via cable and satellite networks. In 2010, the live broadcast was made available on mobile devices via an official app. The objectives of the French broadcaster are "to provide broadcasting to a worldwide audience and a general editorial position. Available via satellite TV and the Internet (streaming on France 24 and France 24 channels on five youtube channels, video on demand on youtube channels.

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Good in the past, but becoming increasingly biased, with some articles supporting one political agenda rather than presenting two different points of view.

I like it, I thought it would be a channel entirely in French, but it is presented in English. That's nice. So i have a tv channel to watch on my kindle fire hd6.

I really need to watch real news to clear my soul. When I watch France24, I forget the news about puppies, the youtube videos of weather and traffic advances on my local US TV station. The news here is really bad, with few exceptions, it's like watching "dummies" and "butthead" making news. The France24 channel is a serious agenda, without attachment to anyone and the programs are short and informative.

France24 is my favorite news organization. I listen to it every morning while drinking espresso. It has a great schedule. Your reporters are the best! That said: this app crashes frequently. This organization deserves better.

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