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DW Español is the regional version of the official German TV channel Deutsche Welle for America. The program focuses on news and information and was relaunched on February 6, 2012. The program is broadcast on cable and satellite and produced in Berlin. DW Español broadcasts programs produced both in Berlin and in Latin America. In 2012, the network launched its own YouTube channel. Deutsche Welle television began broadcasting to the whole world on April 1, 1992. Broadcasting began with six hours of daily satellite programming in German and English. A few months later, the broadcast was increased to fourteen hours, and in July 1993 to sixteen hours a day, after which Spanish was added to the programs as a third language. In February 2012, Deutsche Welle updated its programming, channel image and logo, and increased the Spanish-language signal from two to twenty hours a day. In September 2012, DW (Latin America) was born, which increased programming to 24 hours a day. Since February 2017, DW (Latin America) has been renamed to DW (Spanish).

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Elliot Richardson
Es uno de mis canales favoritos.. por todo!!

Lily Campbell
Like the channel for different perspectives on world news

Kyle Reid
I like having so many different perspectives on current affairs

Hayden Riley
I really like this channel and now that I can watch it on demand it's even better for me.

Glenn Hamilton
Informative and truly for the mind. Takk fyrir.

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