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TV Canção Nova is a Brazilian TV network owned by the Catholic community of Canção Nova.
Canção Nova owns a building dedicated to the production of television news, documentaries and coverage of events in the Canção Nova community and the Catholic Church in Brazil and around the world. The building houses a studio equipped for the production of news programs, virtual scenery and a panoramic studio. The news programs are: "Canção Nova Notícias", "Flash Jornalismo", "Repórter Canção Nova", "Em Pauta".
TV Canção Nova has 5 studios and 3 party spaces, one of which can accommodate around 80,000 people. equipped with video walls and large screens. It also has three units for the production and production of mobile satellites.
TV Canção Nova was an idea of ​​the priest and Monsignor Jonas Abib who, since the creation of the Canção Nova community in 1978, had the desire to spread the gospel of Christ through the media. To do this, he raised many people from the town of Cachoeira Paulista, near Lorena, in Vale do Ribeira, State of São Paulo.

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