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Record News is a Brazilian open commercial television channel, with programming dedicated mainly to telejournalism, belonging to Grupo Record.
In 1953, TV Record began as the second Brazilian TV channel (the first being the defunct Rede Tupi). As the network celebrated its 54th anniversary, a new channel was launched. This is the first free and terrestrial Brazilian news channel. The on-air button was activated at 8:15 pm by then president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Edir Macedo, owner of the station.
Through its subsidiary Record Europa, Record News is widely available on all digital platforms in Portugal. It is mainly a simulcast of Record News in Brazil, with some local content.
The programs places special emphasis on live programs, which take up almost nineteen hours of airtime every day. The remaining five hours are devoted to repetition. The information developed in the various news programs is regional, national and international. Most programs are produced in São Paulo, but some are produced in regional studios in Brasilia, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Araraquara, as well as in Miami and London.
Sport also plays an important role. In addition to regular sports programming and columns, Record News covers the Vancouver Winter Olympics and Singapore Youth Olympic Games.

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